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When I became a parent, it was a much bigger struggle than I ever thought. I’m sure you can relate to this.

I knew that I didn’t want the children in my life to experience what many of us did in our childhoods.

I didn’t want them to feel like their thoughts and feelings didn’t matter because they were little. I didn’t want them to feel powerless in their own lives. I didn’t want to them to live in fear of disapproval from adults who had power over them.

In spite of my intentions, I found myself doing many of the things adults did to me. Sometimes I knew I was doing it and I couldn’t stop myself.  Other times I did it unconsciously. And when I saw myself in a candid video talking to my 4 year old son, OUCH!, that was painful. I know It was even more painful for him.

I spent much of my university career doing social justice work as leader and educator. It is a passion of mine to work to eliminate prejudice, discrimination, and oppression through education.

So here I was, treating children with disregard, disempowering them, all the while I was committed to creating justice in the world.

But once I was willing to look at what I was doing, thinking, and feeling as a parent, I could change it.

Step by step, I changed how I viewed and treated children. I began to “walk my talk” and to live much more according to my values. And I began to understand why I fell into the patterns I did as a parent.

I am still doing my own internal work today, as you read this.

Everyday I am learning and growing as a parent. We are all growing and learning. There is no final destination here. It is a process.

It’s a  joyful, challenging, powerful, amazing, and transformative process. Just like our children.

From the pain of those experiences and my own journey, I started writing.

Writing about two of the most important things in my life, being a better parent and creating positive social change, so all children can experience a different world.

From these experiences I found my mission in life: To empower parents across the globe to create positive, equitable, and compassionate relationships with children, and through those relationships we change the world.

So here we are together. Ready to change our parenting, with the powerful side benefit of changing the world!

Thanks for joining me and I can’t wait to hear from you about your own journey! You can find me on Facebook, Parenting for Social Change.

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With love,
Teresa Graham Brett

P.S. If you know you’re ready to dive into transforming childhood, transforming the world, I encourage you to look at my online program,that will truly serve you on this journey.




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