We don't become parents
to change the world.

However, when we choose
to treat children with respect;

When we choose
to listen deeply to them;

When we choose to
affirm their dignity
and treat them
as full human beings;

We are starting a revolution
in each child
that will change the world.

Parenting is the most important and challenging thing you'll ever do.

And it's the most important thing
you can do to change the world.

If you are trying to let go of a style of parenting that has harmed us for generations, to create a new way of being with children, you've come to the right place.

New ways of thinking, being, and acting require our internal transformation. We need new tools and strategies.

And, we need support for the journey away from an authoritarian paradigm of parenting to partnership and collaborative-based parenting.

I am a parent, facilitator, consultant, and educator. I'm passionate about transforming adult-child relationship and supporting your process as a parent.

Doing the internal work needed to change our relationships with children not only changes individuals' lives for the better, it changes our world. Let's work together for the sake of ourselves, children, and our world.

Teresa Graham Brett's book, Parenting for Social Change, is my favorite for explaining and supporting with research how authoritarian parenting affects our children and how we can live a partnership-based parenting paradigm instead. ~Jolene

Parenting for Social Change is a powerful parenting book that is not about children, but about the harmful cultural messages adults perpetuate in their relationships with children. 

In this compelling call for change, I address the work parents must do to free themselves, the children who share their lives, and the world from these harmful messages. Using current research, I debunk the myth that controlling children is necessary to ensure that they grow into healthy and responsible adults. I also share my own parenting journey away from controlling and dominating children and provides strategies for letting go of harmful control. 

Through my experiences as a social justice educator, I demonstrate how changing our parent-child relationships plays a critical role in creating social change.

Thank you for risking vulnerability in service to a fuller life for yourself, the children in your life, and for others. ~Caroline

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I am beyond excited and honored to be part of Alliance for Parenting Education in South Africa (APEA). This organization works to create a morally and socially upright African society through empowering parents, families and societies in parenting education. Based in South Africa, APEA aims to join hands with partners on character development (schools, churches, businesses, youth organizations, and the media) to curb various forms of antisocial behaviour that results from parenting dynamics, not only in South Africa but in the entire continent of Africa.

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